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RCR Cristalleria Italiana was founded in 1967 in the heart of Tuscany, and offers a complete range of quality bar and tableware products produced with the highest respect for the environment.

Innovative and environmentally conscious, RCR's LUXION® Eco Crystal Glass is manufactured using all-electric furnaces powered directly or indirectly by renewable energy, to create safe and 100% recyclable products, and emitting zero emissions as a by-product of production.

The purest raw materials are used to ensure LUXION® ultra clear crystal glass has maximum brilliance, transparency and resistance.


Production takes place entirely in Italy, in one factory with complete vertical integration, ensuring every single step of the process is carefully monitored.

Our vision is to develop industrial, eco-friendly, state-of-the-art ultra-clear crystal glass, compliant with ethical and environmental standards, made with the care typical of artisanal production.

RCR is one of the most innovative and flexible manufacturers in the world, using multiple production technologies to combine traditional processes with

cutting-edge Italian design.

RCR is uniquely capable of manufacturing pressed and blown tableware pieces, as well as the more specialized production of bottles/decanters.

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DaVinci Prestige represents the highest expression of ‘made in Italy’ craftsmanship.

Following the teachings of the master glassmakers with generations of artistic knowledge, our artisans carve each decoration by hand, to maximize the brilliance and transparency of the Eco-Crystal.

DaVinci Prestige is for those who are not satisfied only with beauty, but seek excellence.

a. 85 Martin Ross Ave Toronto, On M3J 2L5, Canada

p. 416.736.0492
f. 416.665.7492

David Shaw Designs

A one stop for gift, tabletop, housewares and decorative accents.
In addition to our proprietary flatware collections, Splendide & Artisan
 85, David Shaw Designs is the exclusive distributor of many top international brands, including Academy Home Goods; Casafina; Costa Nova; LSA International; Pampa Bay; RCR; The Napkins; Scanwood, and more.
Our “Classic Chef” division represents top housewares brands Any Sharp; Artisan Street; Gefu; Hutzler; Ipac; Kitchen Pantry; Linden Sweden; Luxe Kitchen; Osti; Paper Chef; Planit; SIIP; Simax; Taylor’s Eye Witness & Toolswiss.

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