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Pampa Bay

​Pampa Bay is named for the Pampas grain belt in Argentina, an area that extends 375 mi (600km) inland in all directions from the capital, Buenos Aires. The city is strongly influenced by European culture and is often referred to as the “Paris of South America”.

Every Pampa Bay design draws inspiration from the sophistication of the capital and the beauty of the pristine countryside.

When we design, there is a story behind every piece and every line. We combine materials, colors, and textures to develop products that you will love.

Our design process creates unique and beautiful items reflecting nature’s majesty and a culture that is elegant and practical. 


We then take these stunning designs and apply our many years of product sourcing experience to produce items that employ innovative technology at best-in-class manufacturing facilities. 

Pampa Bay’s serveware and gifts combine the elegance and care-free attributes of titanium with the beauty of high-fired, white porcelain.

Unique in their combination of materials and striking in design, Pampa Bay fits today’s lifestyle.

Our products are dishwasher safe. You can bake; warm up your dishes in the oven, or keep a dessert in the freezer.

Golden Salerno.jpg

These products are also scratch resistant, and stain and tarnish-free.



a. 85 Martin Ross Ave Toronto, On M3J 2L5, Canada

p. 416.736.0492
f. 416.665.7492

David Shaw Designs

A one stop for gift, tabletop, housewares and decorative accents.
In addition to our proprietary flatware collections, Splendide & Artisan
 85, David Shaw Designs is the exclusive distributor of many top international brands, including Academy Home Goods; Casafina; Costa Nova; LSA International; Pampa Bay; RCR; The Napkins; Scanwood, and more.
Our “Classic Chef” division represents top housewares brands Any Sharp; Artisan Street; Gefu; Hutzler; Ipac; Kitchen Pantry; Linden Sweden; Luxe Kitchen; Osti; Paper Chef; Planit; SIIP; Simax; Taylor’s Eye Witness & Toolswiss.

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