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LSA International is a London-based design studio specialising in contemporary handmade glass. The company’s goal is to use skilled craft to create thoughtful, considered designs with intrinsic value.

Janusz Lubkowski co-founded LSA International in 1960s London during a period of cultural and social change. His belief in a diversity of ideas and passion for contemporary design ensured the company thrived. 


Janusz's daughter, Monika Lubkowska-Jonas, is LSA's current Designer & Creative Director. Through shared experience and values, Monika continues to develop her father’s vision and a culture of understanding that defines our company’s past, present, and future.

 LSA recognizes the value of skilled craft in the   modern era. It takes time and care to make each   product by hand. The respect for the art and   dexterity of craftsmanship ensures that products   are created with integrity. 

GLASS - Mouthblown glass offers almost endless potential for transformation. Experience enables LSA International to experiment with different techniques, pushing the boundaries of hand production. 

WOOD - All wood is FSC®-certified – the independent, internationally-recognized mark of responsible and sustainable forestry.  The LSA design team works with walnut, European ash, oak, and beech as each wood possesses its own unique characteristics.

PORCELAIN - Porcelain has been prized for centuries for its balance of durability and delicacy in comparison to other ceramics. The complex production process involves multiple stages, from to shaping and firing to glazing and decoration.

LSA International is very conscious of the responsibility to reduce our environmental impact. Their intention is to create useful, relevant products which endure in quality and style, with focused investment in solutions to address environmental issues and a consciousness of what products are created and the processes involved.

a. 85 Martin Ross Ave Toronto, On M3J 2L5, Canada

p. 416.736.0492
f. 416.665.7492

David Shaw Designs

A one stop for gift, tabletop, housewares and decorative accents.
In addition to our proprietary flatware collections, Splendide & Artisan
 85, David Shaw Designs is the exclusive distributor of many top international brands, including Academy Home Goods; Casafina; Costa Nova; LSA International; Pampa Bay; RCR; The Napkins; Scanwood, and more.
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