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Costa Nova

The love of life, family, friends and good food has inspired Costa Nova to create fine stoneware collections that combine quality and design with the best in ceramic craftsmanship.

The brand produces innovative and sustainable stoneware, made from the best natural resources in Portugal.

Born in a small Portuguese fishing village near the Atlantic Ocean, Costa Nova is now present across the 5 continents, in prestigious department stores and boutiques, hotels and renowned restaurants.


Costa Nova stoneware is produced in a single-firing system heated up to 1180°C (2160°F), which creates a unique, fully vitrified ceramic body with a special bonding between the clay and the glazed surface.

This process and the original formula make Costa Nova stoneware more durable and resistant to both thermal and mechanical shock.  

The collections are made by the hands of skilled ceramic artisans, reflecting one of the oldest manufacturing traditions in Portugal. Each piece tells a story of labor and love and is truly unique.

Additionally, Costa Nova has taken steps to protect the environment, avoiding unnecessary harm through the resources used and the products manufactured.

Costa Nova sees its products and operations as part of a long-life cycle and is committed to taking better care of the community and of the world.


In this commitment to sustainability, Costa Nova developed a new raw material, by collecting, recycling, and reusing clays and glazes from its own operations and other materials. The result is Ecogres®, a reinvented clay, made of recycled materials and completely eco-friendly.

Other eco-initiatives include:

•    Production waste material is mindfully managed, with 99% being recycled

•    Intentional reduction of operational water consumption practices, with waste water carefully treated and reused for internal cleaning or reintroduced in the production process

•    Reduced energy consumption via 358Kw in solar panels; re-directed heat from the kilns to other equipment; a single-fired production process that reduces emissions into the atmosphere

•    Packing products are all recycled and recyclable. Boxes are filled with Ecocard, a sub-product developed internally and made of crushed cardboard waste.

Reflecting a strong European heritage, and embracing a “handmade” aesthetic in the manufacture of the stoneware collections, Costa Nova brings unique and elegant pieces to the table and home, embracing today’s way of living and designed to last for generations.

Inspiration and design for your table.


a. 85 Martin Ross Ave Toronto, On M3J 2L5, Canada

p. 416.736.0492
f. 416.665.7492

David Shaw Designs

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In addition to our proprietary flatware collections, Splendide & Artisan
 85, David Shaw Designs is the exclusive distributor of many top international brands, including Academy Home Goods; Casafina; Costa Nova; LSA International; Pampa Bay; RCR; The Napkins; Scanwood, and more.
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